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Ronaldo responds to Michael Owen’s joke about his condition

Ronaldo responds to Michael Owen’s joke about his conditionRonaldo responds to Michael Owen’s joke about his condition

On Saturday, before Real Madrid thrashed Granada 5-0, Cristiano Ronaldo presented his fourth Ballon d’Or to the Bernabeu crowd.

To mark the occasion, Los Blancos invited former Ballon d’Or winners to the match – these included Michael Owen, Ronaldo (the Brazilian), Zinedine Zidane and Luis Figo.

A fine presentation went off with no hitches until after the game, when Owen, not for the first time, put his foot in it.

“I thought I was putting the pounds on…”

After the Real Madrid match, Michael Owen took a sly dig at the Brazilian Ronaldo, a former team mate of his at the Bernabeu, on Twitter.

Much like his punditry, you can sort of see what Owen has gotten at – the Tweet certainly has a lot of retweets – over 5,000 now – but it is very much out of order.

The former Liverpool and Manchester United striker wrote: “I thought I was putting the pounds on until I saw my old mate Ronnie!”

At this point, it has to be pointed out that Ronaldo suffers from hypothyroidism – an illness that causes weight gain and a puffy face. Perhaps Owen doesn’t know about the condition?

Ronaldo responds

Either way, Ronaldo has responded to the Michael Owen Tweet, to Madrid-based newspaper AS.

The 2002 World Cup winner said: “I did not talk to him [Owen] after he wrote that, but I’m afraid the importance of my weight still remains in the world we live in. I do not know what that means, really?”

Fellow Real Madrid and Brazil legend Roberto Carlos also entered the discussion, saying: “I do not like that kind of joke really, because I am very close friends with Ronaldo … Let’s take care of him. Ronaldo is not the body, it’s the heart, because he has a big heart.”

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